Needle felting starter kit felting tool equipment starter kit

Needle felting starter kit felting tool equipment starter kit


Needle felting equipment starter kit. The perfect gift for someone crafty or for yourself if you want to try something different.

The kit contains all the tools you will need to get you started:

Felting foam pad (5*10*10 cm)
4 * 36 Gauge triangular needles - good general purpose suitable for most felting
4 * 38 Gauge triangular needles - slightly finer needle, good for fine fibres or for adding detail
2 * 40 Gauge triangular needles - fine needles for adding detail or smoothing surfaces
Wooden single needle handle (includes additional 36G needle)

This kit contains the tools only - wool fibres will need to be purchased separately.

Due to the sharp needles (felting needles have barbs along the edge and very sharp tips - they can be quite vicious!) this kit is recommended for younger children but can be used by older children if supervised.

*please note* felting needles are very fragile. ALWAYS work with your fibres on a sponge or felting mat when using the pen. This protect both yourself and the needles. Needle felting directly onto a hard surface will snap the needles and damage the surface.

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