If you have arrived at my blog you are probably either:

a) New to felting and don’t know where to start. Possibly feeling intimidated by the work of others or overwhelmed.

b) Have experience of felting and are looking to pick up some tips.  Or try a new technique that you’ve been avoiding for far too long now.

Or optional extra c) you are completely new to crafting, having a bit of a dabble, heard someone talking about this felting malarky and thought ‘well why not’.

Whichever category you fall into I am sure I can help.

Which probably leads to your next question: ‘yes, but who are you and what can you tell me?’

In answer, Felt.Sew.Creative is me, Leanne.

I have been felting for over 5 years now and have been a general craft dabbler from a young age. I have done a couple of college courses to give me a stronger foundation of knowledge - NCFE Level 1 & 3 Creative Fibrecraft at Bicton College, UK (linked to the Cornwall College Arts & Media Dept.)   I have built on this with a load of workshops to develop my techniques and am a member of the International Feltmakers Association.

I also like to experiment, sometimes with happy results, sometimes not. Either way it’s all good experience and nothing to be afraid of.

And now I am going to pass that experience on to you, you lucky thing!

Contained within these pages you’ll find guides, tips, tutorials and a load of other useful information to get you started and well on your way.

If you want to develop your skills or learn something new, you have come to the right place.

Start by checking out the Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Felting which covers what you need to know, from history, to wool and fibres types, to an overview of techniques and design. Enjoy!

My Story

I have always been a bit crafty and have gone through numerous fazes over the years, from sketching to watercolours, silk painting to pottery, stained glass to cross stitch, and the less said about knitting the better…A few of years ago now (how time flies…), in an unusually enthusiastic run up to Christmas, I decided to make my own decorations using felt – an epiphany! I had finally found my medium.

Mermaid Embroidery Hoop Picture - a combination of sewing and felting

With a redundancy notice, the opportunity arose to devote more time to crafting. I started by making most things with acrylic based or wool blend felt.  I love the bright colours and the way it always looks amazing even in prototype designs.  This started me off wondering whether I could make my own felt to use instead and my college courses followed.

I love trying new techniques and seeing 'what will happen if I just try this'. As well as supplies and tutorials, I make a constantly evolving range of felted and textile based products, from scarves to note books! Never a dull moment...